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The Vicious Cycle of LGBT Discrimination: Religious, Legal, Criminal, Social

The idea that religious condemnations of homosexuality impact criminal acts against the LGBT community has long been discussed. I’d offer that the intersections between different realms all reinforce each other. Whether it is criminal, religious, social, or legal, any words or actions the LGBT community only reinforce the idea that such attitudes are okay. Heard […]

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Top 10 Christian “Victims” of 2009… They’re Hurting!

One of my first posts of 2009 was making fun of the “Christian Bashing” list from 2008. This year, our good friends at the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission have again put out their list. The language is a bit more refined this time around—no “bashing”—but the list is still as pathetic. Let’s take a look at […]

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Reflections: Why Are Ithaca College Pianos a Big Deal?

At this point, most of the momentum behind what I’ve been calling “IC Pianogate” has probably worn off. We might still get some details about the damage done to pianos and marimbas in the Whalen Center for Music at Ithaca College (like this message from Dean Woodward), but I think most of the community has […]

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IC Pianogate: Words of Support From Alumni

It’s a new day and finals week is proceeding as planned, but I’m sure that the Ithaca College community is still struggling. The attack on the music building facilities will have a lasting effect not so easily dismissed. Last night’s vigil did seem refreshing, but today I wanted to offer some words of support from […]

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Update For Current IC Music Students Looking To Practice

UPDATE: Our beloved Erik Kibelsbeck (Coordinator of Music Facilities and Publicity) just posted the following on Facebook: All but a few Whalen pianos are playable; most damage was cosmetic. While definitely a serious and senseless act of vandalism that is being properly investigated, rumors of dozens of pianos “destroyed” are incorrect. — Hey everybody! Since […]

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Attention Ithaca College School of Music Alumni! Your Support Is Needed!

To all my fellow Ithaca College School of Music alumni! Please read my invitation below to support our students in a time of trauma: Sunday, December 13, 2009 My dear fellow alumni, I hope you are doing well since our time on South Hill. I know that I continue to cherish the memories I have […]

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Ithacan Reports: More than 60 pianos vandalized in Whalen School of Music

UPDATE: News 10 Now is also now reporting on the incident, but with no new details. This story was posted on The Ithacan just as I was posting my first post (by Gillian Smith, Staff Writer): More than 60 pianos were damaged last night in the first floor practice rooms in the Whalen School of […]

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Ithaca College School of Music Attacked, Pianos and Percussion Equipment Destroyed

(UPDATE: I’ve noticed that many folks are still being routed to this post. I put this post up the day of the incident before any official reports had been made. It does not accurately reflect the incident given what we’ve learned since. I welcome you to link to my most recent posts on the matter, […]

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The Onion Takes a Stab at The F-Word

Last month, I wrote a lengthy post in response to South Park’s The F-Word episode. Siding with GLAAD, I offered that South Park’s overuse and attempted desensitization of “faggot” did not rise to a level of satire that made it obvious enough that such a word cannot be desensitized and still has hurtful ramifications for […]

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I Think People Who Can’t Discern Between Sexual Orientation and Paraphilia Should Shut Up

Wow, harsh title. I guess I’m just tired of society being so ho-hum when people are just wrong in what they say. No, it’s not that they have a “different opinion.” They just have no clue what they’re talking about. Here’s a quick primer. Everyone has a sexual orientation. Everyone. And it only means one […]

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