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Hate Mail From Sharon Kass: ‘Zack Ford, Captive of Gay-ness’

I got some very amusing hate mail this week! Many folks out in the LGBT activism world are familiar with Sharon Kass. She regularly trolls advocates of equality with emails extolling ex-gay therapy and the ex-gay group NARTH. In fact, Truth Wins Out has been tracking her for some time, and she’s also had run-ins […]

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Being The Kind of Blogger One Wants To Be

As LGBT bloggers take steps forward toward working together, other so-called “activists” play the antagonist just to satisfy their own egos.

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“athiest can go to hell”

What we can learn from a single negative comment on the blog.

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I Get Hatemail! (Subject: “Atheism”)

Author: codbar
Subject: Atheism
Message: You are an ignorant, flaming asshole

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Hatemail! I’m a “morally bankrupt piece of subhuman scum”!

Hatemail is fun. I mean that. You know, sometimes people write long treatises disagreeing with you, and those can be frustrating, but hatemail and disparaging comments are just funny. The comment came from Aaron on my post about the book Negrophilia. As you recall, this was a book that was heralded by WingNutDaily because a […]

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