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Westboro Wins Before SCOTUS, As They Should Have

The vile Westboro Baptist Church won before the Supreme Court, and we should celebrate their victory. By not sugar coating their anti-gay rhetoric, they continue to be an important litmus test for homophobia among opponents of LGBT equality.

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Hatemail! I’m a “morally bankrupt piece of subhuman scum”!

Hatemail is fun. I mean that. You know, sometimes people write long treatises disagreeing with you, and those can be frustrating, but hatemail and disparaging comments are just funny. The comment came from Aaron on my post about the book Negrophilia. As you recall, this was a book that was heralded by WingNutDaily because a […]

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The Atheophobia and Homophobia of Mike Huckabee

A lot of people have written lately about the disgustingly homophobic comments Mike Huckabee made recently (I recommend Alvin McEwen’s two posts), but most have ignored his smears on atheists in the same interview. There are two reasons these atheophobic comments have been ignored. The first is that many folks just don’t care about atheist […]

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