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Netroots Dispatch: Direct Action vs. Insider Lobbying (There Is No Conflict)

At a superficial level, different strategies might be perceived as conflicting strategies, but there is a synergistic potential waiting to be realized.

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Do DOMA Reactions Reveal Challenges of Tentative Progress?

One tiny move towards equality and the right responds with a deluge of attack. Where are the big guns of the LGBT community? Can we please get mad, for once? And then, you know, stay mad?

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 38 – Who Made You The Drag Queen of the Gay Agenda?

Alright, so we admit we have an agenda, but what is it? Lots of people, like straight pastors and well-funded Glb(t) political operatives, think they know. Zack and Peterson try to suss out who sets the agenda and what it happens to be today. What are the bars by which we measure the success of […]

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Power That Doesn’t Listen Fails/The Starving of the LGBT Community

As the political theater rages on toward the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, we have to make sense of the broken promises that got us into these dire circumstances to begin with.

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HRC’s Last Resort: Support What Everyone Else Has Been Saying for Two Years

Oh, Human Rights Campaign, you never cease to disappoint. Moments after legislative action on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell seemed to be quite dead, HRC was quick to unleash their “new” strategy: Call on President Obama to end the discharges with an executive order and stop defending DADT in court. @HRC to @BarackObama: Stop defending #DADT in […]

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The Marriott Plays for Both Teams, One of Which is NARTH’s

What’s a company with a 100 equality rating like Marriott doing offering safe harbor to an organization as dangerous and harmful as NARTH? Watch as NARTH admits how they hate relying on a pro-gay hotel to host their very anti-gay conferences.

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Powerless: All or Nothing LGBT Support of Democrats

In the lead-up to next week’s election, leaders in the LGBT movement have offered a choice: “Vote Democratic or you’re responsible for the Republicans taking over and persecuting us all!”

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HRC Defends Itself By Reinforcing The Very Criticisms It Received

Earlier today, I wrote about the way that HRC and other organizations have a certain amount of proprietary strategic control over our movement. I invite you to peruse that post before reading this addendum. The Human Rights Campaign issued a response to the Congress.org article I referenced numerous times in my post. Fred Sainz makes […]

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Navigating the Schism in the LGBT Movement

I first wrote about the schism in our movement back in March, but an extremely thorough piece on Congress.org paints an updated picture on where things stand through the lens of DADT repeal. I, personally, have been chastised for speaking out against what could perhaps be called the “old guard” of the movement with the […]

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Someone at HRC Needs to Take a Psych Class, and Stat!

HRC’s resignation in pressuring Target tells us that HRC is as motivated by corporate interests as Target is.

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