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Between Floating and Leeching: The Financial Struggle of the LGBT Activist

[Note: Pam Spaulding added an amazing commentary of her own to this post and there has been some great conversation. Check out the post over at Pam’s House Blend.] This is a post about making sausage. If you are in any way involved in queer activism, I hope you’ll at least give it some thought. […]

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HRC’s Facebook Wall Gets a Piece of My Mind

Watch how the blind supporters of the Human Rights Campaign react when someone challenges the work their organization does for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Also, charges were mysteriously dropped this morning against Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. James Pietrangelo.

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Really Courage Campaign? I Thought You Were Better Than That.

The Prop 8 Trial (Perry v. Schwarzenegger) is a big deal. It’s important that it gets as much visibility as possible; the testimony that was shared throughout was incredibly important to our movement. I was really proud to see and be a part of the stepped-up efforts to raise awareness during the trial, particularly those […]

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Why Be Pissed At Obama and/or HRC?

Yesterday’s town hall was interesting, but not surprising. In my opinion, it was an important event, but it ultimately didn’t really accomplish much, except to reveal just how out of touch HRC really is (and, might I add, how pompously self-righteous Joe Solmonese is about his organization). There are two significant points to take away. […]

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The Game-Changing Importance of GetEQUAL’s Direct Action Campaign

As you may have already heard, GetEQUAL has stepped up its direct action campaign. Yesterday, protesters interrupted President Obama’s speech at a Barbara Boxer fundraiser, calling for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Today, six LGBT veterans chained themselves to the White House fence and have just been arrested. Here is the GetEQUAL press […]

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Dan Choi, HRC, The “Schism,” and Mixed Messages

[Update: Joe Solmonese answered some questions today from the DC Agenda and said… nothing remarkable. John Aravosis and Pam Spaulding are writing on this issue today as well.] I had the pleasure of meeting Lt. Dan Choi last night at a speaking engagement at Susquehanna University. As always, he spoke quite strongly and definitely ruffled […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Scott Withers, Openly Gay Congressional Candidate

In my district, a woman aged 51 or younger has never had the opportunity in a Democratic primary to vote for a pro-choice candidate. Harvey Milk believed that getting openly gay people into leadership positions was key to obtaining true LGBT liberation. Currently, there are three openly gay representatives in Congress: Barney Frank, Jared Polis, […]

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The Social Justice Ally Refresher We All Need

Check out this awesome video! Dr. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones gives 6 rules for allies (cross race/gender/sexuality/nationality/religion etc) in her keynote speech given 2/19/10 at a luncheon sponsored by Abriendo Brecha Vll Conference and The Seventeenth Annual Emerging Scholarship In Women’s and Gender Studies Conference UT Austin (hat tip: Sharon Bridgforth): Being an ally is a […]

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The Blog Swarm To Pressure HRC On DADT

[UPDATED: HRC has responded by playing it safe. The same old disappointment.] [UPDATED AGAIN: HRC’s official statement rings hollow.] Today, a number of blogs are putting the pressure on HRC to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. This blog swarm is organized by AMERICAblog Gay, with participants like Pam Spaulding at Pam’s House Blend and even […]

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Revisiting The Dallas Principles in Dallas

One of the things I’m looking forward to this week at Creating Change is meeting with some of those who helped last May to develop The Dallas Principles, a list of ideals for LGBT equality. I wrote about the principles in June to try to help raise awareness. I also wrote about The Yogyakarta Principles […]

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