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Fake Steve Jobs is an Atheist, Too!

In response to The Manhattan Declaration debacle (the creation of and the elimination of an iPhone app for the document that promotes breaking the law in order to perpetuate anti-LGBT beliefs), Fake Steve Jobs has written a scathing rebuke of the whiny groups upset the app was pulled.

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Pastafarians Should Be Ashamed of Historic Homophobia

From Cosmo Jarvis, a tribute to gay pirates: You may recall that according to the beliefs of Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (of which I am a member), pirates are “absolute divine beings,” essentially the great prophets of Pastafarianism. It has never been a secret to me that there are gay pirates, but it […]

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FREE HUGS (from a Militant Atheist with a Gay Agenda)!!

A post for all the strangers I encounter at the Rally4Sanity!

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Cronk: A Cappella Group Drops Out En Masse

Satire is a great way to pay tribute to the people you know and love. That’s why I enjoy the opportunity to occasionally write for The Cronk of Higher Education. Here’s my latest. All similarities to other individuals or names are PURELY coincidental, I assure you……. All 16 members of Sparta College’s acclaimed all-male a […]

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…And I’m (Still) a PC

Hey, I just want to apologize to my regular readers for being generally absent this week. For the past few days I’ve been struggling to remedy a glitch on my PC. I still had functionality, but my ability to read blogs and publish them was impacted, which is why fixing the situation took priority. A […]

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ZackFord Vlogs – #8 – Motor Vehicle Precautions from Central PA Newspapers

Read The Daily Item for yourself: » Liverpool woman in critical condition today following fall from moving RV » Peaceful morning disrupted today by a bulldozer

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Homosexual Learning Outcomes in Need of Being Mocked

When a group offers a whole curriculum on fighting back homosexuality, there are TOO many opportunities to mock them. Take a look at the list and offer your own takes on what AFTAH’s bigot-seminar has to offer!

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Cronk: Mirror Universe Supreme Court (Christian Legal Society v. Martinez)

How would things have looked in a mirror universe where the Supreme Court ruled the other way in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez? My article today on The Cronk of Higher Education explores how things might have been different. Here’s a preview: In a groundbreaking decision this week, the United States Supreme Court has ruled […]

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Cronk: Faculty Whistleblower Faces Consequences

I have another piece on The Cronk of Higher Education today. Check it out: Gherkin College has always prided itself on its tradition of academic integrity, but this week the campus is divided over the enforcement of a long-forgotten academic policy still on the books. In late 2008, Assistant Professor Jeffrey Rover in the Food […]

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…Because The Bible Just Isn’t Enough On Its Own

It’s been a while since I featured some religious right propaganda, so I thought I’d share this incredible offer I got today from World Net Daily. Check out iLumina. You know it’s cool because its name starts with a lower-case i. But only kind of in the logo. They underlined the L just to make […]

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