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Indiana Conservatives Gloat Messages of Anti-Gay Tyranny

The state of Indiana is going above and beyond what could possibly be necessary to prevent marriage equality, and with such confidence comes untamed rhetoric that reveals the vile intentions of its social conservatives.

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NGLTF’s Apparently “Extremist” Vision, According to AFTAH

Peter LaBarbera and his org, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, are trying to smear the Creating Change conference with some of the scary things they saw there. Let’s shine a little light on their absurd fear-mongering.

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Topsy Turvy World: My Ongoing Dialogue with Peter LaBarbera

Who would have thought that the infamous anti-LGBT AFTAH leader Peter LaBarbera and I could engage in a meaningful discussion? Take a look at the dialogue so far.

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That Time The Pope Actually Wanted to Talk to Me

The Pope announced he wants to have a dialogue with atheists. Here’s what it might look like.

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Friday Fundamentalist Farce File – 1/28/2011

The Friday Fundamentalist Farce File is a week’s worth of “news” clippings from conservative hubs like WorldNetDaily and the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow. Millions of Americans absorb these messages as gospel truth—literally—on a daily basis.

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Then Why Bother With a State Constitution At All?

Individuals who try to regress societal norms through state constitutions, as was attempted in Iowa, should be viewed as opponents of the state itself. They are not patriots; they are traitors who don’t respect their own founding documents.

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The Chronicle Review Highlights Trite Anti-Atheist Memes

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured an editorial by (Eastern) religious apologist Stephen Asma, who was all too eager to trot out the same old baseless arguments against atheism and primal arguments for preserving, if not enshrining, religion for decades to come.

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Apparently Only Christians Are Constituents of Alabama’s New Governor

The manifest destiny of a Christian American theocracy took a bold step towards the light this week with the inauguration of Alabama’s new governor, Robert Bentley. The day before taking office, Bentley, a deacon at First Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, spoke at Dexter Street King Memorial Baptist Church, once led by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther […]

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UK Judge: Religion Not Acceptable Excuse for Discrimination

A UK judge ordered the owners of a B&B to pay damages to the gay couple they refused to offer a double bed to. What gets priority: religious beliefs or freedom from discrimination? It’s a question we cannot escape.

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Psst… Astrology Is Still BS!

If you were upset about the announcement that the Zodiac signs are different, you probably owe it to yourself to think about why and where you get meaning in your life.

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