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Obama “Evolves” a Bit and Other Tidbits on Marriage Equality

Zack’s still sick, but it was important day for marriage equality. Here’s a rundown of the happenings.

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Then Why Bother With a State Constitution At All?

Individuals who try to regress societal norms through state constitutions, as was attempted in Iowa, should be viewed as opponents of the state itself. They are not patriots; they are traitors who don’t respect their own founding documents.

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Yes, That Sucked, But We Go On.

Election day was not the best day for progressives, but we have good reasons to keep our chins up and our eyes on the horizon. Rather than bemoan a bloodpath, it’s time to focus on governing again.

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From an Iowa Wedding to Las Vegas

It’s time to change the ZackFord Blogs logo to Netroots Nation. It’s time my vacation being a bit disconnected from the blogosphere comes to an end and I jump into the deep end. As I pack up and get ready, I want to take just a moment to reflect on the week I’ve already had. […]

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Letter from the Iowa Governor

So, I recently got a letter from the office of the governor.  I knew what it was, so I didn’t bother opening it until this weekend, as I was doing some much needed cleaning as I prepare to move back east. Back when the Iowa Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriage, there was a lot […]

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Why the Prop 8 Decision Inhibits Equality

[2/28/10 – This post has been selected as a finalist for being one of the Best of the 2009 Just Posts! Please click here to see the other finalists and VOTE! (You can also check out the other semifinalists!)] Yesterday, I wrote about the California Supreme Court’s ruling on Proposition 8.  Ultimately, what they determined is […]

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“…of both worlds,” a unique adventure.

I’m back! For any of you who might have been checking ZFB regularly, apologies for the long delay in posting. I was busy graduating from my Master’s program (which I did!). Today I’m happy to share with you an exciting product of the time I have not been blogging: my performance piece entitled “…of both […]

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Marriage Equality in Iowa.

This morning, the Iowa State Supreme Court made a unanimous decision to overturn the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. I have been reading the decision, and thought I’d share some excerpts that I found particularly uplifting.  I can’t explain how gratifying it feels to be validated in these ways. The Background Here’s the basic premise […]

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Today For You, Tomorrow For Me?

So, if you’re one of my readers who doesn’t know me, you might not know that I currently live in Iowa. I intentionally don’t write about it too much because I have a sincere commitment to maintaining a boundary between my personal advocacy and my professional work. I do not write this blog on behalf […]

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