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Queer and Queerer Ep. 72 – The Lost Gospel of Thaddeus

Peterson has recently uncovered the lost book of Thaddeus, that was hidden away and kept out of the Bible. He imparts its wisdom upon Zack, who is no more convinced by its alternate depiction of the life of Jesus than of the original tellings. He’s more excited that he’ll be speaking at his alma mater, […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 36.5 – Why Are Students Having Affairs? (ft. Laurel Dreher)

Zack is joined this week by his hetero life mate, Laurel Dreher. Zack and Laurel studied at Ithaca College together before both pursuing Master’s degrees in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Laurel is now a Coordinator of Residence Education at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. Part of the fun of being in this field […]

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Cronk: A Cappella Group Drops Out En Masse

Satire is a great way to pay tribute to the people you know and love. That’s why I enjoy the opportunity to occasionally write for The Cronk of Higher Education. Here’s my latest. All similarities to other individuals or names are PURELY coincidental, I assure you……. All 16 members of Sparta College’s acclaimed all-male a […]

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Ithaca College President Quotes Me in Convocation Address

At the 2010 Ithaca College Commencement ceremony, President Tom Rochon quoted me in his congratulations speech. Check it out below: The reference is at about the 1-minute mark. The whole address is lovely, so please listen to the full thing. It’ll brighten your Monday, especially if your Monday is as dreary as mine is here […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 11 – American Education Through Irish Eyes

Peterson and Zack are off to the movies, but there’s a podcast to record first! This week we’re joined by a special guest! Shane is here to talk about his year in as an Irish exchange student in the United States. He talks about how he was prepared to visit the US, what he observed […]

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A Glimpse Back: The Long Road To Coming Out As An Atheist

Arguably, disclosing one’s identity as an atheist is a coming out process. Like coming out as gay, it is the unveiling of an invisible identity known to be stigmatized by society, so I think it is safe to assume there are similarities in the process. There are significant differences too—most importantly that one can choose […]

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Reflecting on the Importance of Community at a University

Do the people at a university define its climate or does the climate at a university define its people? Yes. Last weekend I visited my alma mater, Ithaca College and enjoyed three days packed of visiting old friends and making new ones, plus incredible concerts by Ithacappella and the Ithaca College Chorus (plug: check out […]

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Congratulations to the Ithaca College Class of 2010!

Today’s The Ithacan features a letter from me to the graduating class at Ithaca College. I wanted to follow-up on what I shared with them when I spoke at their Convocation. That speech can be found below. Seniors, in August 2006, I stood before you in the Hill Center offering you my warmest welcome to […]

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Teachers Make The Difference! Help My Friend!

A friend of mine from Ithaca College needs your help! Please read his message below (my emphasis added)! Dear Family, No matter how frustrated I get with being a teacher; I would be lying if I said that this experience has not been a blessing. As you know, I currently live in Atlanta teaching 9th […]

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Faces For Equality: Lisa Tibbles

Name: Lisa Tibbles Age: 39 Hometown: Cortland, NY Occupation: Program Coordinator, Cortland LGBT Resource Center Why I Found Her at Creating Change: I have to say, as a personal note, that it was pretty awesome that I found Lisa at Creating Change. It was totally a random approach on my part, but it turns out […]

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