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New Job, Blog Changes, Thank-Yous!

Zack got a job!!! What does this mean???

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 36.5 – Why Are Students Having Affairs? (ft. Laurel Dreher)

Zack is joined this week by his hetero life mate, Laurel Dreher. Zack and Laurel studied at Ithaca College together before both pursuing Master’s degrees in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Laurel is now a Coordinator of Residence Education at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. Part of the fun of being in this field […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 5 – Dr. Rekers’ Long Stroke and Super Summer Jobs

Zack and Peterson dive into this week’s scandal of Dr. Rekers of the Family Research Council and NARTH and his hiring of rent boy “Lucien.” How does the media cover ex-gay issues? How does the LGBT community respond to sex work?  Will Lucien be cast aside after the scandal subsides like Mike Jones after Ted […]

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You Know It’s Still An Employer’s Market When… (Stories from the Job Front)

The craziness of April must be over, because I’m starting to hear from universities again about job searches. Search committees can finally meet regularly and move the process along. It’s a nice feeling, even if it isn’t always good news. More on what I’ve heard this week below. We’re just about at the one-year anniversary […]

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Recess (A Poem)

This poem is unsarcastically dedicated to the 150+ individuals who apply for every job I apply for and everyone else who is job searching. You may be my competition, but we’re all in this together. Recess Zack Ford – May 2, 2010 I sing myself With notes unwritten The verse lost in trite strophes Of […]

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A Looooooong But Spirited Job Search

I write today from an airport terminal (follow my tweets if you want more personal detail). I am on my way to yet another on-campus interview. The job search is an interesting challenge to endure. It’s a tough market, student affairs is a narrow field, and I’m holding out for specific kinds of jobs within […]

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Some Unemployment Poetry

Man, I love this economy! It’s so great to have two professional degrees and be unable to secure a relevant job! It makes me feel like a real winner! I’m actually not very happy. Here are a few poems I wrote this week to cheer myself up. Enjoy. Some Unemployment Poetry Zack Ford – September […]

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