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Queer and Queerer Ep. 56 – Lady Gaga and the Pop Culture Shakeup

After a little hiatus, the podcast is back with some lighter fare discussion about pop culture, but of course with the brilliant analysis and commentary you expect from the likes of Peterson and Zack. Follow the rambling discussion through Lady Gaga/Jo Calderone, Dancing with the Stars, Torchwood, Mad Men, Rise of the Planet of the […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 41 – The Lime Green Gas Mask Episode

Zack’s sick and Peterson’s been busy, so this week’s episode isn’t exactly coherent. The most recent Glee episode gives us plenty to talk about, including bisexuality and anti-gay violence. Plus, there’s that whole Lady Gaga and Target thing. We also honor the passing of a local LGBT activist with the poem that was used in […]

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“Born This Way” Makes It Better… But For Whom?

While many in the LGBT community celebrate the release of Lady Gaga’s new anti-bullying anthem, Shannon Cuttle has reservations.

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Drowning in Politics: Where’s the LGBT Education?

I’m frustrated. I probably shouldn’t even be writing, but I am. It’s Monday. What’s the big news in the LGBT world? Kind of two biggies I guess… 1) Those crazy Prop 8 proponents filed their 134-page argument to the Circuit of Appeals. I could wade through the whole thing for you if you’d like, but […]

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