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Is “Gender Confusion” a Trans Parallel of “Sexual Lifestyle”?

What are the implications of using the words “gender confusion” to describe someone who is exploring gender or moving through gender outside of the cisgender paradigm? Discussion is most encouraged!

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In Which I Confess To Being a SNOOT, But Hear Me Out

Online dating has its ups and downs. You can meet a lot more people, but the quality of those interactions tends to be more superficial. My biggest peeve with the medium is that there isn’t much etiquette. The worst example of this bad etiquette is that people will just stop talking to you—things will seem […]

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South Park, The F-Word, and The N-Word

FAIR WARNING: I use the words in their unabbreviated versions in this post. This week’s South Park episode took another stab at the interesting way language is used in American society. The boys spend the episode convincing everybody that “faggot” and “fag” should refer to annoying Harley riders, going so far as to try to […]

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