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The Chronicle Review Highlights Trite Anti-Atheist Memes

The Chronicle of Higher Education featured an editorial by (Eastern) religious apologist Stephen Asma, who was all too eager to trot out the same old baseless arguments against atheism and primal arguments for preserving, if not enshrining, religion for decades to come.

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Apparently Only Christians Are Constituents of Alabama’s New Governor

The manifest destiny of a Christian American theocracy took a bold step towards the light this week with the inauguration of Alabama’s new governor, Robert Bentley. The day before taking office, Bentley, a deacon at First Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, spoke at Dexter Street King Memorial Baptist Church, once led by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther […]

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UK Judge: Religion Not Acceptable Excuse for Discrimination

A UK judge ordered the owners of a B&B to pay damages to the gay couple they refused to offer a double bed to. What gets priority: religious beliefs or freedom from discrimination? It’s a question we cannot escape.

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 37 – South Africa is Gayer Than Hollywood

Peterson is back with stories to tell about South Africa! But Zack has been monitoring the pulse back in the United States, and their juxtaposed observations about gender and sexuality bring Queer and Queerer back in 2011 with a bang! This week we discuss the public perception of LGBT people nationally and globally and particularly […]

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Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Obama

In the wake of DADT’s “repeal” this week, many in the LGBT community seem eager to completely exonerate President Obama. But has he earned such praise?

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What If Republicans Didn’t Believe in an Afterlife?

How would life be different if conservatives were not guided by their belief in an afterlife?

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Two Arguments for Faith I Don’t Get (Blair vs. Hitchens)

Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens had a grand debate about whether religion is good. But I really struggled to understand how Mr. Blair’s arguments were actually supporting the claim that it was good! Read my brief thoughts and then listen for yourself!

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 31 – Remembering Brandon Bitner: Moving Forward After a Teen Suicide

It’s been a tough week here in central PA. Peterson and Zack commit this episode to discussing the loss of Brandon Bitner, a local 14-year-old who committed suicide on November 5 after suffering bullying about his perceived gender and sexuality. We talk about learning about his death, attending his funeral, and community reactions afterward. While […]

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Will Catholics Ever Admit The Church Has a Problem?

Last week, I was going to write about this story, where a woman at Benedictine University lost her job, but not for being gay or getting married. She lost it because she had the gall to publish a wedding announcement. Change.org followed up with a statement from the university defending the decision, running the appropriate […]

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HRC Defends Itself By Reinforcing The Very Criticisms It Received

Earlier today, I wrote about the way that HRC and other organizations have a certain amount of proprietary strategic control over our movement. I invite you to peruse that post before reading this addendum. The Human Rights Campaign issued a response to the Congress.org article I referenced numerous times in my post. Fred Sainz makes […]

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