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Stripping for a Scholarship: The Zack Rosen Situation

Note: This post is an in-depth analysis of one small thing. My hope is to use this trivial occurrence as an opportunity to talk about some real issues that affect our community and our movement. You might remember a few weeks ago, I posted that I was vying for a scholarship to attend Netroots Nation, […]

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College Journalists FTW! Mike Huckabee Now Down By 2

Remember last week when Mike Huckabee spewed all that anti-gay and anti-atheist language? I do (even though nobody else is talking about his anti-atheist language, except PZ of course). Well, apparently, he wasn’t very happy with what was printed in that The Perspective article (The Perspective being a student-run newsmagazine at The College of New […]

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The Atheophobia and Homophobia of Mike Huckabee

A lot of people have written lately about the disgustingly homophobic comments Mike Huckabee made recently (I recommend Alvin McEwen’s two posts), but most have ignored his smears on atheists in the same interview. There are two reasons these atheophobic comments have been ignored. The first is that many folks just don’t care about atheist […]

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