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Queer and Queerer Ep. 53 – Get Your Polygamy Off My Monogamish!

Reverend Elizabeth Jeremiah (from the Elizabeth Jeremiah Global Worldwide Ministries in Jesus) stops by (hacks in) to the podcast today to chat with Zack about polygamy. The Brown family from TLC’s “Sister Wives” is suing the state of Utah to overturn the criminal ban on bigamy, and Rev. Jeremiah has some Biblical precedent to support […]

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The Marriott Plays for Both Teams, One of Which is NARTH’s

What’s a company with a 100 equality rating like Marriott doing offering safe harbor to an organization as dangerous and harmful as NARTH? Watch as NARTH admits how they hate relying on a pro-gay hotel to host their very anti-gay conferences.

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Beyond Vigils: Ending Bullying At All Levels

It’s not enough to just be sad. We have to want change. We have to see the depths of our problems and take positive steps to address them.

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Atheists Know The Most About Religion. Duh.

The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that atheists know the most about religion and education makes a big difference.

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The Problem With “Christianity”

[9/4/10: I can’t comment whether Hemant Mehta agrees with what I wrote here, but I certainly agree with what he wrote here. He and I are very much on the same page about the burden of responsibility for those who claim to be allies but not act to support their positions. Even if you just […]

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Music Is About Freedom and Unity, Not Lee-gham Homophobia

I love music (duh). And not only do I love music and making music of all varieties, I particularly love a cappella music. This might owe to the fact that the men of Ithacappella were some of my best friends in college. Heck, we had Rockappella (yes, the Rockappella (yes, the Carmen Sandiego one)) at […]

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Faces For Equality: David Melson

Name: David Melson Age: 57 Hometown: Washington, DC Occupation: Sales and Executive Director of Affirmation Why I Found Him at The NEM: As the Executive Director of Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons, Dave knows that we are long overdue for equality in this country and that it is important we get some momentum going. Only […]

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