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Zack’s Feel-Good Song of the Hump Day

It’s hump day. Take a deep breath and smile.

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 33 – Penal Codes, Oral Arguments, and Masturbation

The dynamic duo is back, and admit it, you missed us! Peterson and Zack fill you in on all the crazy fun stuff that’s been happening in their lives, Peterson brings us some more queer erotic poetry, and then the two launch into a roundtable on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Prop 8, Trans Day of […]

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Pastafarians Should Be Ashamed of Historic Homophobia

From Cosmo Jarvis, a tribute to gay pirates: You may recall that according to the beliefs of Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (of which I am a member), pirates are “absolute divine beings,” essentially the great prophets of Pastafarianism. It has never been a secret to me that there are gay pirates, but it […]

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Something to Read and Something to Watch

Zack’s on the road, so here’s some good content to check out!

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Cronk: A Cappella Group Drops Out En Masse

Satire is a great way to pay tribute to the people you know and love. That’s why I enjoy the opportunity to occasionally write for The Cronk of Higher Education. Here’s my latest. All similarities to other individuals or names are PURELY coincidental, I assure you……. All 16 members of Sparta College’s acclaimed all-male a […]

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Rules and Requests For My Funeral

Just in case, here are some ideas for what kind of funeral I think would be fitting for me.

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Make Today The Day It Gets Better (NCOD)

The first step a person can take to making their life better? Come out.

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Tom Goss and Music for Our Movement

After enjoying a concert by my friend Tom Goss, I reflect on the importance of openly gay musicians to our community and movement.

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Glee: Why We Love It, Why We Watch It

(Note: Spoilers ahead! Go watch the season finale if you haven’t yet.) Like a good (gay) son, I got my mother hooked on watching Glee. This was a mistake. Now, every week, she wants to watch, but then I have to hear about everything she doesn’t like about the show. The most common complaint? “The […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 10 – Topics From a Hat—From Soup To Nuts!

Zack has never heard Peterson‘s “From Soup to Nuts” expression, but it apparently defines our tenth episode well! After several mono-topical episodes, we dramatically over-compensate by limiting discussion on any topic to three minutes. We have a big pile of topics in a hat. Some were submitted by listeners, but we each contributed some of […]

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