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Fear-Mongering Quote-Mining Mennonite Proselytization (with CD!)

Ithaca, NY is a pretty progressive place, so I was very surprised during my visit this weekend by the entertainment I found in the Ithaca Commons. Flanking each entrance to the pedestrian mall were Mennonite proselytizers distributing pamphlets and CDs while a Mennonite choir performed hymns on the center stage, amplified for all to hear. […]

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Hometown Newspaper: Proud of Me, Not Proud I’m Gay

A couple disclaimers before I say anything. I made it clear when I started this blog it would not be about my personal life. This post is an exception to that, and I will be discussing my hometown, current events in my life, and my own feelings about these issues. Let me tell you a […]

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A Single Man’s Defense of Valentine’s Day

[ I had nothing new to say about Valentine’s Day for 2011, so I stickied 2010’s post to the top for the day. Make it a special one for you and your loved one(s)! ] Yes, the intent of this post is to defend Valentine’s Day, but in the interest of pathos, allow me to share […]

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Heterosexual Privilege in Music Education and Those Who Don’t Care

(Cliffnotes of this post: A new article addresses heterosexual privilege in music education, I know about it because of negative reactions on OneNewsNow, and I actually had the opportunity to address LGBT issues while I student taught.) Our society expects those in the music education profession to contribute to societal development by affirming and educating […]

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The Vicious Cycle of LGBT Discrimination: Religious, Legal, Criminal, Social

The idea that religious condemnations of homosexuality impact criminal acts against the LGBT community has long been discussed. I’d offer that the intersections between different realms all reinforce each other. Whether it is criminal, religious, social, or legal, any words or actions the LGBT community only reinforce the idea that such attitudes are okay. Heard […]

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Secular Humanism’s Easy: Appreciate People In Your Life

My arm and my pride are still a little sore today, but that’s okay. The joy of laughing at three straight men for besting me in Wii “Swordplay,” despite my best efforts, was worth it. That’s really what life is all about. No matter what happens, the best thing in life is being able to […]

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Music Is About Freedom and Unity, Not Lee-gham Homophobia

I love music (duh). And not only do I love music and making music of all varieties, I particularly love a cappella music. This might owe to the fact that the men of Ithacappella were some of my best friends in college. Heck, we had Rockappella (yes, the Rockappella (yes, the Carmen Sandiego one)) at […]

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Reflections: Why Are Ithaca College Pianos a Big Deal?

At this point, most of the momentum behind what I’ve been calling “IC Pianogate” has probably worn off. We might still get some details about the damage done to pianos and marimbas in the Whalen Center for Music at Ithaca College (like this message from Dean Woodward), but I think most of the community has […]

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IC Pianogate: Words of Support From Alumni

It’s a new day and finals week is proceeding as planned, but I’m sure that the Ithaca College community is still struggling. The attack on the music building facilities will have a lasting effect not so easily dismissed. Last night’s vigil did seem refreshing, but today I wanted to offer some words of support from […]

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IC Pianogate: Some Videos From The Vigil

While I am very sad that I could not drive to Ithaca today to partake in the vigil for the pianos, I was able to recruit my friend Luke Elmers to take some video of the event. Below are some exclusive clips. There are more to be found on the vigil’s Facebook event page. In […]

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