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LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education and the Potential to Make It Better

Not only are there 25 out and proud LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education, but they are ready to speak out and make a difference!

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Christian Students Demanding Freedom to Discriminate from Supreme Court

Today, oral arguments began in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, the case in which a student group at the University of California’s Hastings College of Law is suing for the right to be recognized as a student group (with access to campus resources) and to be able to discriminate based on their religious beliefs (meaning […]

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The Privilege of Religiously-Affiliated Universities to Defy Ethical Standards

I’m going to put it out there: religiously-affiliated universities concern me.  Not all of them… just the ones where the affiliation affects what can and can’t happen on the campus.  They have the power to curb students’ rights and manipulate education (especially science, sheesh!).  I think “religiously-affiliated schools” is a misnomer; they act more like […]

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