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Hate Mail From Sharon Kass: ‘Zack Ford, Captive of Gay-ness’

I got some very amusing hate mail this week! Many folks out in the LGBT activism world are familiar with Sharon Kass. She regularly trolls advocates of equality with emails extolling ex-gay therapy and the ex-gay group NARTH. In fact, Truth Wins Out has been tracking her for some time, and she’s also had run-ins […]

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UK Judge: Religion Not Acceptable Excuse for Discrimination

A UK judge ordered the owners of a B&B to pay damages to the gay couple they refused to offer a double bed to. What gets priority: religious beliefs or freedom from discrimination? It’s a question we cannot escape.

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Bully-Free Zones: Not on NARTH’s Agenda

Shannon Cuttle reminds us that NARTH has used its phony organizations to reinforce anti-gay fallacies—and thus bullying—in our schools.

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