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Closing Arguments of the Prop 8 Trial: Pas de Deux Before The Finale

I don’t know that there’s much to say! Olson had good arguments; Cooper had no evidence. Literally. Between the answers to the questions offered by Judge Walker and the closing arguments, there doesn’t seem like there’s much of a leg for Prop 8’s proponents to stand on. They have the same old nonsense: children (subtext: […]

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I Saw Maggie Gallagher in Person! Nothing to report.

[UPDATE: You can now watch the whole debate! PCN has it online here! You can also read Senator Leach’s amusing reaction to the debate on his blog.] So, last night I went and saw an awesome Pennsylvania State Senator by the name of Daylin Leach debate marriage equality with Maggie Gallagher from the National Organization […]

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Day 9 of the Prop 8 Trial: Do Gays and Lesbians Even Exist?

The question in the title of this post is what the defense wasted our day with. This afternoon was just more of what the defense offered this morning: study after study (none of which were from the last decade) with individual sentences taken out of context being used in an attempt to demonstrate that gays […]

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