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Netroots Dispatch: Building Trust, Building Coalitions

The need for trust could not be greater as the LGBT movement forwards, but it requires a pro-active approach from all sides.

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Netroots Dispatch: Direct Action vs. Insider Lobbying (There Is No Conflict)

At a superficial level, different strategies might be perceived as conflicting strategies, but there is a synergistic potential waiting to be realized.

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 50 – Check Yourself Before You Present Yourself

Two episodes in one week! Well, kind of. Not for us. But we’re back, and this week we dive head first into the Anthony Weiner “scandal.” So he showed some PG-13 pics on Twitter, but what did he actually do wrong? Listen as Peterson and Zack consider the matter from a perspective of sexual liberation. […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 17 – The Summer Destruction of Marriage Tour

Peterson and Zack are back together in the Sunbury studio! After some reflections on their conference experiences, they delve into the antics of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and their “Summer Marriage Tour.” How do we respond to their self-victimizing tactics and what is the future of the marriage equality movement? Petersonalso shares his […]

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Of All The Shows To See In Vegas… I Saw The Chippendales

Yes, I saw the Chippendales, and you should too. If you think you know what to expect, you don’t. Here’s my review.

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Check Out This Week’s SameSexSunday from Netroots Nation

Hey everybody! I am finally back in Pennsylvania after an amazing trip to Iowa and Las Vegas for Netroots Nation. I’m incredibly jetlagged, but I have a lot of writing to do to synthesize my experiences from all those tweets I sent out. In the meantime, you should check out this week’s episode of the […]

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Some Ups and Downs From Netroots Nation

Netroots Nation has been a wonderful experience, but I have a few complaints that have made it just a little less magical than I’d hoped. Here are a few critiques and a few celebrations.

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 16 – The Trans-Continental Netroots Edition

Zack… and Peterson… are coming at you from opposite sides of the continent! Zack is in Las Vegas for Netroots Nation and Peterson is heading off to TransForm New Hampshire. The sound quality is a bit low because it was recorded via phone, but the content quality is at its queerest. Zack shares some of […]

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Reflecting on the Netroots LGBT Precon

Whoo! Netroots hasn’t even officially started yet but I’ve already had a great day with the LGBT Precon today. It was an odd sensation to be looking at the feeds I read every day and then look around and the bloggers whose sites I read daily were right there. For the whole morning, Pam Spaulding […]

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From an Iowa Wedding to Las Vegas

It’s time to change the ZackFord Blogs logo to Netroots Nation. It’s time my vacation being a bit disconnected from the blogosphere comes to an end and I jump into the deep end. As I pack up and get ready, I want to take just a moment to reflect on the week I’ve already had. […]

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