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Queer And Queerer Ep. 78 – Taking Liberties With Religion

Two episodes within less than a month’s time! It’s like some government shutdown miracle! This week’s episode is dedicated to talking about that “religious liberty” concept conservatives are always throwing around. What do they mean when they say it and how are they trying to use it do keep discriminating against LGBT people? Does a […]

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Will Catholics Ever Admit The Church Has a Problem?

Last week, I was going to write about this story, where a woman at Benedictine University lost her job, but not for being gay or getting married. She lost it because she had the gall to publish a wedding announcement. Change.org followed up with a statement from the university defending the decision, running the appropriate […]

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Supreme Court Upholds University Nondiscrimination Statement

When I first wrote about the case of the Christian Legal Society at the University of California’s Hastings College of Law, I offered that here was an issue that related to LGBT rights, religion, and higher education, so it was a quintessential topic for my blog. I followed up in April when the case, Christian […]

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