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Queer and Queerer Ep. 55 – Ex-Gays in the Media

This week, Zack and Peterson continue the conversation about ex-gay therapy in the media — in particular, the NPR story that featured Peterson. But though some media portrayals still aren’t getting the message right, a new film paints a better picture. This Is What Love In Action Looks Like follows the story of Zach Stark, the […]

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Religious Search Engines: Enabled Ignorance with Surprising Results

An NPR story this week introduced religious search engines. Here’s a more critical look at how they actually work and how they really don’t.

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Judy Shepard, An Ally of Strength and Grace

Last night, I had the opportunity to see Judy Shepard speak. What was even more meaningful is I took my own mother with me. The story of Matthew Shepard’s death is familiar and yet no less meaningful. The woman who continues to tell it and to advocate for our community on his behalf is short […]

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NPR: The Science of Spirituality

This week on NPR, they have a feature on The Science of Spirituality.  Each day, Barbara Bradley Hagerty is exploring different research that is being done on the brain and human body to explore what is happening at a biological, biochemical level when people experience spirituality. The studies are quite interesting.  Can we biochemically simulate […]

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