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Follow Up on Louis CK/”Faggot” and Many Court Decisions

Hey everybody. It’s 8:33 PM EST as I start this post and it’s turning out to be a most exciting evening. Already we had two rulings out of Massachusetts that DOMA is unconstitutional. I’m going to be reviewing those two decisions and getting posts up later tonight and tomorrow for each. We also just got […]

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Some Day 8 Mid-Day Updates and Mainstream Coverage

The morning wrapped up and I can’t say it was quite as substantive as yesterday. Dr. Segura was on the stand the entire morning, but the time was eaten up mostly by the defense’s monotonous cross-examination. It was mostly devoted to their scheme of painting gays and lesbians as a powerful threat, so there was […]

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Fresh Air, Stale Philosophy: Karen Armstrong

I love Fresh Air and I think Terry Gross is a great interviewer. I was not as impressed with yesterday’s interview with Karen Armstrong, whose latest book is called “The Case For God.” From the 40-minute interview, I still don’t know what her case is. It seems like she doesn’t believe in God as a […]

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