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Is “Gender Confusion” a Trans Parallel of “Sexual Lifestyle”?

What are the implications of using the words “gender confusion” to describe someone who is exploring gender or moving through gender outside of the cisgender paradigm? Discussion is most encouraged!

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Halloween Special: Catholic Materials for Young Adults

Be scared, be very scared. Here are some “educational resources” Catholic churches and organizations distribute to young people. That’s how I got them to begin with.

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New Christmas Toys, Old Gender Conditioning

There are only 67 days until Christmas!!! So, last night, I’m watching Brothers & Sisters like a good gay, and all of a sudden I see a commercial for a new toy aimed at 2-4 year-old’s. This is the long-form of the commercial: Yes, Pop On Pals. First, let me say that even though I’m […]

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Campus Climate 2010: Defining The Terms

A primer for understanding the results from the new campus climate study, the 2010 State of Higher Education for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People.

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Of All The Shows To See In Vegas… I Saw The Chippendales

Yes, I saw the Chippendales, and you should too. If you think you know what to expect, you don’t. Here’s my review.

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What Disney Taught Me About Gender Roles

I don’t write about patriarchy as often as I could, or should. Male privilege is still a constant force in our society and one that needs to be called out and addressed as much as ever. Say what you want about Disney these days. The company is so big, it’s hard to even hammer down […]

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Faces For Equality: Mara Keisling (NCTE)

Name: Mara Keisling Age: 50 Hometown: Washington, DC Occupation: Executive Director, National Center for Transgender Equality Why I Found Her at Creating Change: Like many seasoned activists, Mara returns to Creating Change for an annual recharge. She loves the opportunity to meet new people (LIKE ME!), learn a lot, and also share the work that […]

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Society Makes You Feel Guilty For Having Sex AND For Not Having Sex

One of the workshops I had the joy of attending at Creating Change was one called Beyond Binaries: Identity and Sexuality, facilitated by the FABULOUS Robyn Ochs, professional bisexual. (If you aren’t familiar with her or her work, then you need to fix that now!) The main thrust (pun intended, as you’ll see) of the […]

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Protect Marriage, Day 11: We’re Not Watching The Actual Trial, Just Making It Up

Seriously, their witnesses know squat (see the roundup), but Andy Pugno is so proud and thinks the plaintiffs look so pathetic. What trial has he been watching? Spaghetti Strategy Once again, religion was on trial this morning as a lawyer for the challengers to Prop 8 cross-examined political scientist Kenneth Miller. In their desperate attempt […]

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ADF’s Mocking Quotes, Meet ZFb’s Mocking Italics

Because the defense is now making their case, the Alliance Defense Fund and Protect Marriage twitter profiles are very active to show all the garbage their poorly informed “expert” is dispensing. They are rife with what I call the “mocking quotes,” quotation marks added to words or phrases to suggest they are not legitimate (“so […]

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