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Protect Marriage, Day 9: Umm… We’re Still Right!

The longer this trial progresses, the easier it is to see why Protect Marriage doesn’t want you to actually see the details of the proceedings. In fact, it might even be fair to assume that the reason yesterday’s cross-examination lasted five hours is just to make navigating Dr. Herek’s testimony unwieldy. It’s actually pretty easy […]

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Day 9 of the Prop 8 Trial: Do Gays and Lesbians Even Exist?

The question in the title of this post is what the defense wasted our day with. This afternoon was just more of what the defense offered this morning: study after study (none of which were from the last decade) with individual sentences taken out of context being used in an attempt to demonstrate that gays […]

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Some Day 9 Mid-Day Updates, Suspect Classes, and Mainstream Coverage

I have to say, today’s testimony is dull, because it’s clear what the defense is trying to do ad nauseam and it’s just not working. Dr. Gregory Herek is testifying on the following three points: 1. The nature of sexual orientation and how it’s understood in sociology and psychology. 2. The immutability of sexual orientation. […]

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Day 5 of the Prop 8 Trial: For the Love of Children and Family

This has been an incredibly long week, but today was no less intense. Dr. Michael Lamb was on the stand most of the day, defending not only the children of same-sex couples, but also science itself and basic research methods. Here were a few of my favorite quotes in this regard: Science is a cumulative […]

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Educate Yourself: What Talking To Kids About Gay Issues Looks Like (Videos)

Last week, I wrote about my very positive experiences talking to high school students about gay issues as a music educator. Today, in the Prop 8 trial, we saw the defense continue its attempts to suggest that children need to be “protected” from these discussions, suggesting gay marriage might be “forced” upon young people over […]

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The Vicious Cycle of LGBT Discrimination: Religious, Legal, Criminal, Social

The idea that religious condemnations of homosexuality impact criminal acts against the LGBT community has long been discussed. I’d offer that the intersections between different realms all reinforce each other. Whether it is criminal, religious, social, or legal, any words or actions the LGBT community only reinforce the idea that such attitudes are okay. Heard […]

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Looking Back: My First Year as a Blogger

Today, January 5th, 2010, marks one full year since I first began ZackFord Blogs. A year ago, I was sitting (uncomfortably) in a snowed-in apartment in Iowa, recovering from some rather unpleasant (though not risky) surgery. (Ironically, I write today’s post as I recover from a head cold.) Tired of trying to amuse myself by […]

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Doing Wrong for “Right,” The Continuing Ex-Gay Lesbian Custody Battle

You may remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about the Vermont-Virginia lesbian custody battle. My simple goal at the time was to debunk the WND article on the matter. Now, there’s been an interesting new development that I’d like to comment on (and then we’ll see how WND’s compares—if they even comment further). […]

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Unsurprisingly, There Are SO Many Things Wrong With This WND Story

Wow! Where to begin. I think more than anything, the way this story on WorldNetDaily is written shows how nothing is more important than maintaining the dominance of Christianity to right-wing extremists. Let’s start with the headline: Lesbian awarded custody of Christian’s only child Admittedly, the “lesbian” in question is demonstratively (and in this case, […]

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Paranoid About Sex, Paranoid About Homosexuality, Paranoid About Adam Lambert

People were upset about Adam Lambert’s AMA performance. It was “vulgar,” “obscene,” “inappropriate.” If you think about those words, they’re totally subjective. There isn’t a standard or checklist for things to be called any of those words. People just know it when they see it. In this case, it took a gay man. It wasn’t […]

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