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Central Pennsylvanians Show Valentines Love for Marriage Equality

In an annual Valentine’s Day show of support, 40 supporters of marriage equality braved harsh winds to get the message out to rush-hour traffic.

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PA Legislators Kickoff LGBT Freedom Week Supporting Same-Sex Couples

PA State Senator Daylin Leach and Representative Mark Cohen each introduced bills today extending rights to same-sex couples in the Commonwealth.

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Yes, That Sucked, But We Go On.

Election day was not the best day for progressives, but we have good reasons to keep our chins up and our eyes on the horizon. Rather than bemoan a bloodpath, it’s time to focus on governing again.

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A Perry County Woman Named Loretta Lehman Gets It Right

I just feel the need to crosspost this Letter to the Editor from today’s Patriot-News. Please feel free to defend Lorette on the online version of the article, where she is already being called a hater herself by people who “have gay friends.” The long list of people we are encouraged to hate: Union workers […]

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PA Nonbelievers Face Disparagement From Locals

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend Jubilee Day, an annual street fair here in central Pennsylvania. I picked up a lot of religious propaganda that I think will make great fodder here on the blog, which I look forward to writing about. I also connected with the PA Nonbelievers, a group—I’m embarrassed to say—was […]

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ZackFord Vlogs #2 – Pennsylvania, Beards, and Deep Space 9

Apologies for the flagrant grammatical error in this vlog.  I didn’t feel like refilming it to correct it.  Please know that I noticed it right away and am working to avoid future mistakes.

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