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The Militant Atheist with a Gay Agenda is Popping Up All Over

I was just kind of curious… what kind of impact did my free hugs sign make at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear? Here’s what I’ve found…

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Some Additional Dispatches from Harrisburg re: NOM

Just wanted to share a couple links to show some more coverage of the National Organization for Marriage rally and counterprotest last week here in central Pennsylvania. Both the Pennsylvania Independent and Philadelphia Gay News have published stories about the goings-down last Friday. (Full disclosure: both stories quote me.) The Independent has some pictures as […]

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Ithaca College President Quotes Me in Convocation Address

At the 2010 Ithaca College Commencement ceremony, President Tom Rochon quoted me in his congratulations speech. Check it out below: The reference is at about the 1-minute mark. The whole address is lovely, so please listen to the full thing. It’ll brighten your Monday, especially if your Monday is as dreary as mine is here […]

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