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With So Much #Prop8 Content, What Should You Be Looking At?

When I started my coverage of this trial, I committed to aggregating the coverage. There is almost too much content out there right now regarding yesterday’s decision, but if you’re just started to look for it all, here are some highlights you ought to check out. (See all the ZFb coverage here!) For in-depth looks […]

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Protect Marriage: Sticking To Our Untrue Talking Points

Of course, in the wake of today’s decision, Protect Marriage is vying for an indefinite stay of today’s ruling and an appeal, as we knew they would. What’s sad is that Andy Pugno talks as if he hasn’t even read the decision (maybe he hasn’t). Protect Marriage’s press release reiterates the same old demonizing stereotypes […]

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The Prop 8 Decision: The Findings of Fact (Everything We Should Learn From This Trial)

I want to begin my coverage of the Prop 8 decision (Read it on Scribd) with the Findings of Fact. This is the series of 80 points Judge Walker used to organize the multitudes of information in the case. Note that these are not all the ideas that were presented in the case; these are […]

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Processing the Prop 8 Decision

What to expect on ZFb in the very near future regarding today’s decision that Prop 8 is unconstitutional.

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If You Work Against Us, We Don’t Care If You Like Us

You’re either with us or against us. David Blankenhorn seems to want it both ways. Here’s my brief reaction.

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The Big Day: Judge Walker’s Prop 8 Ruling Just Hours Away

Get yourself ready for today’s big decision in the Proposition 8 Trial!

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The Problem Isn’t Just People Against Gay Adoption; It’s People Against Adoption

I was adopted. Are you surprised? A lot of people are when I reveal this super intimate detail. “Oh,  I didn’t know,” they say. To answer your other questions: I’ve always known, and I have no interest in meeting my genetic parents. My parents are my parents and I love them very much. Oh, and […]

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A Closer Look at the Two DOMA Decisions and What They Mean

There are two tactics you can use when you’re seeking LGB equality in the courts. (Sorry T folks, this post just isn’t really about you, but you already knew that all this marriage equality stuff totally ignores your plight. I thought you’d at least appreciate this little shout-out to our cisgender privilege.) You can go […]

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Follow Up on Louis CK/”Faggot” and Many Court Decisions

Hey everybody. It’s 8:33 PM EST as I start this post and it’s turning out to be a most exciting evening. Already we had two rulings out of Massachusetts that DOMA is unconstitutional. I’m going to be reviewing those two decisions and getting posts up later tonight and tomorrow for each. We also just got […]

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Protect Marriage: No Evidence, Only Spin

In the wake of yesterday’s closing arguments in the Prop 8 trial, it seems Protect Marriage might be concerned with damage control. Rather than a rambling long blog post like we’ve seen throughout the trial, Andy Pugno just gives us a brief little press release. It’s not very strong, despite its attempt to suggest otherwise. […]

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