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Hate Mail From Sharon Kass: ‘Zack Ford, Captive of Gay-ness’

I got some very amusing hate mail this week! Many folks out in the LGBT activism world are familiar with Sharon Kass. She regularly trolls advocates of equality with emails extolling ex-gay therapy and the ex-gay group NARTH. In fact, Truth Wins Out has been tracking her for some time, and she’s also had run-ins […]

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Being Adopted Does Not Mean My Parents Bought Me As ‘Chattel’

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here at ZFb, because I find my role as LGBT Editor at ThinkProgress provides me the venue to say most of what I feel needs to be said. Today is an exception, as I feel the need to write a personal response to an attack I received […]

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Living A Through-Composed Life (A Short Birthday Reflection)

It’s my birthday, so here’s just a little glimpse at how I’m thinking about life these days, to the extent that I’m bothering to do so.

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 46 – The Porn Episode

After past discussions of sexual fantasies and even an interview with a porn star, Zack and Peterson decided it was time to actually talk about porn. In particular, the conversation addresses two questions: what were folks’ first experience with porn and what role has porn played in folks’ lives? There is sharing all around, including […]

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New Job, Blog Changes, Thank-Yous!

Zack got a job!!! What does this mean???

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That Post Zack Writes in the Airport After Creating Change (2011)

Tired, drained, and sappy, here is my first reflection upon my departure from Creating Change 2011.

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Another Year: ZFb Marks 2nd Anniversary

ZackFord Blogs marks it’s 2nd anniversary with a look back at 2010.

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World AIDS Day 2010 – A Long Way To Go

Today is World AIDS Day. Make sure to take some time and explore the resources and testimonies of those affected by HIV and AIDS.

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To Whom Are You Thankful This Year?

It’s Thanksgiving! Folks around the country will be sitting down to dinner today and will share what it is they’re thankful for. As I wrote last year and discussed on yesterday’s Queer and Queerer, Thanksgiving has an underlying assumption that God is responsible for those things. So today, rather than just thinking about WHAT you’re […]

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Love for Pam Spaulding!

I just wanted to put up a note wishing the best for my friend Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend. Today she is undergoing a hysterectomy, which I hear is not a very fun experience. I’ve followed Pam for a very long time, but only met her for the first time this Summer. We were […]

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