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Queer and Queerer Ep. 31 – Remembering Brandon Bitner: Moving Forward After a Teen Suicide

It’s been a tough week here in central PA. Peterson and Zack commit this episode to discussing the loss of Brandon Bitner, a local 14-year-old who committed suicide on November 5 after suffering bullying about his perceived gender and sexuality. We talk about learning about his death, attending his funeral, and community reactions afterward. While […]

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Remembering The Moment It Felt Right

A personal reflection about the coming out process, inspired by tonight’s episode of Glee.

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The New Problem of the Gaytheist

Does the LGBT community and movement really understand its largely invisible atheist subcommunity? How can room be created for the gaytheist voices?

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Bullying-Induced Suicide in My Backyard

Another bullied teenager commits suicide, and this one hits close to home—literally. And you know what? I’m tired of waiting for it to get better. Here’s my impassioned response to the loss of Brandon Bitner.

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The Militant Atheist with a Gay Agenda is Popping Up All Over

I was just kind of curious… what kind of impact did my free hugs sign make at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear? Here’s what I’ve found…

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A Thousand Hugs at the Rally to Restore Sanity

What happens when you offer to give free hugs at a huge mannerly rally? You get them! Here are some of my memories and observations from the day…

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FREE HUGS (from a Militant Atheist with a Gay Agenda)!!

A post for all the strangers I encounter at the Rally4Sanity!

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Preparing for Sanity and/or Fear

I am about to make my grand departure for Washington, DC. And by grand, I mean sitting in the car by myself listening to NPR podcasts while sitting in traffic on I-270. (Thankfully, I don’t have to go as far as 495 for where I’m staying.) By the way, if you need listening materials for […]

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Rules and Requests For My Funeral

Just in case, here are some ideas for what kind of funeral I think would be fitting for me.

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Agent for Change

Shannon Cuttle reflects on the first time she engaged in activism, organizing a protest with her fellow 5th-graders to defend an important friend.

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