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Queer and Queerer Ep. 43 – Lisa Ling, Our America Has Ex-Straights

It’s Zack’s last day in Pennsylvania, and for once, Peterson has come to him! This week, we delve back into the world of ex-gay therapy because Lisa Ling forces us to respond to the Our America exposé of Exodus International on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Almost the entire program was an open platform for ex-gay […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 36 – Sorry, You’re Too Gay For Me

This week’s episode is in many ways an extension of episode 34, the interview with Devon Hunter. Peterson’s partner, Glen Retief, had a very strong reaction to some of the things Devon discussed, so he makes his first appearance with Zack and Peterson this week to discuss the “gay for pay” issue. Coming from a […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 34 – Devon Hunter: Touched by a Porn Star

Zack and Peterson are pleased to welcome a special guest to today’s show. Beaming in from Charlotte, NC is Devon Hunter, who is an adult film actor, escort, and dancer. He’s also an avid writer and blogger who reaches out to educate about the adult entertainment industry and queer culture. Throughout the discussion, we discuss […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 33 – Penal Codes, Oral Arguments, and Masturbation

The dynamic duo is back, and admit it, you missed us! Peterson and Zack fill you in on all the crazy fun stuff that’s been happening in their lives, Peterson brings us some more queer erotic poetry, and then the two launch into a roundtable on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Prop 8, Trans Day of […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 14 – Erotic Poems and Stripping Zacks

Zack is going to Netroots Nation, so he fulfills his promise to do the podcast naked! To help set the mood, Peterson reads some erotic poems. The conversation evolves into an exploration of queer culture over time and throughout different regions. How do we all move forward when some are living in the closet while […]

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Some Days Just Suck (A Poem)

I’m not feeling the greatest about life today. We all have days like that. I thought I’d write a little poem to demonstrate how atheism can be uplifting. Some Days Just Suck Zack Ford – May 18, 2010 Some days just suck. Some days you don’t feel useful. Some days you don’t feel worthy. Some […]

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Recess (A Poem)

This poem is unsarcastically dedicated to the 150+ individuals who apply for every job I apply for and everyone else who is job searching. You may be my competition, but we’re all in this together. Recess Zack Ford – May 2, 2010 I sing myself With notes unwritten The verse lost in trite strophes Of […]

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Ballad of the Lovers

In the past few weeks, there have been way too many stories about hate crimes and beatings. Frankly, any is too many. It’s important to stay informed about what’s happening, but also quite difficult to read the accounts day after day. Rather then launch into some diatribe about the importance of anti-bullying and hate crimes […]

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A Poultry Poem (Dedicated to Ernie Anastos)

A Poultry Poem Zack Ford – September 18, 2009 Dedicated to Ernie Anastos of Fox 5 News In the kitchen I can smell something good I open the oven to see what’s under the hood. But before I can look I hear a call, My mother wants me to get on the ball. Her voice […]

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A Poetry Logo!!!

I decided my blog was missing just a little bit of consistency, because my small-but-growing collection of poetry had no logo of its own. I’ve enjoyed expressing myself through verse and form, even if sometimes it’s my own weird sort of free-verse. I hope having a logo and featuring it more visibly on my blog […]

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