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Some Unemployment Poetry

Man, I love this economy! It’s so great to have two professional degrees and be unable to secure a relevant job! It makes me feel like a real winner! I’m actually not very happy. Here are a few poems I wrote this week to cheer myself up. Enjoy. Some Unemployment Poetry Zack Ford – September […]

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Why I Love Tim Minchin (And You Should Too)

Why do I love Tim Minchin? Oh let me count the ways! He is a brilliant comic. He is a tremendous pianist. He is an outspoken atheist. AND he is all three of those things at the same time!  There is more commentary about his nonbelief towards the bottom of the post, but let’s take […]

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O Disappointment (A Poem)

Don’t know why I’ve been feeling so poetic this week… well, maybe I can think of a reason or two.  Anyway, here’s a poem. O Disappointment Zack Ford – June 18, 2009 I wish I were not so disappointed by Obama’s work. You can do more for LGBTs. All you must do is try.

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Poem for a Tired Atheist

Poem for a Tired Atheist ZackFord – June 15, 2009 Moments of great pain and great joy occur And tempt me to apply significance… Karma; Gratitude; Fate. So overwhelmed with the feeling of living Am I. But is the moment of emptiness and absence That offers me such meaning, Reminding me What is to feel […]

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Three Poems for a Weekend Away

My long weekend at the ACPA conference added to a lot of reflection I’ve been doing. Though I don’t think it would be fruitful to reveal personal details about my personal life on this blog, I do think I need to blog about some of my feelings and experiences.  If my goal is to motivate […]

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