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Queer and Queerer Ep. 69 – The Outing of Jonathan Merritt (ft. Azariah Southworth)

The married Peterson and award-winning Zack are back with an intense conversation about the outing of people who use the closet to hold anti-gay positions, an extension of a conversation from way back in Episode 3. The conversation focuses on a very specific outing, that of Jonathan Merritt, an evangelical writer who takes mixed positions on […]

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What the LGBTQ Community Doesn’t Know is Hurting Us

The attempted sugar-coating of Ken Mehlman’s coming out should be a wake-up call to the queer community to stay better informed about issues, whether they’re out and proud or politically active or not.

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How We Hope Political Outing Works Out

Way back on Episode 3 of Queer and Queerer, Peterson and I had a discussion about political outing (it starts around 10:34). Our focus was when conservative anti-gay politicians are publicly outed as gay. Peterson took the opinion that outing was a leveraging of homophobia while I argued that it’s an important to bring light […]

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