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Loving Gods Cause Natural Disasters, So Keep Praying!

Tamtampamela is overjoyed that God is shaking Japan by the shoulders to tell the atheists what’s up. You should be very, very afraid.

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Sister Denise: Prayer WORKS (And Other Unnecessarily Capitalized Words)

If an evangelizing commenter isn’t going to bother reading what I actually had to say, the least I can do is thoroughly read and analyze the comment.

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Will Catholics Ever Admit The Church Has a Problem?

Last week, I was going to write about this story, where a woman at Benedictine University lost her job, but not for being gay or getting married. She lost it because she had the gall to publish a wedding announcement. Change.org followed up with a statement from the university defending the decision, running the appropriate […]

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The New Problem of the Gaytheist

Does the LGBT community and movement really understand its largely invisible atheist subcommunity? How can room be created for the gaytheist voices?

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Rules and Requests For My Funeral

Just in case, here are some ideas for what kind of funeral I think would be fitting for me.

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Glee’s Grilled Cheesus: A Milestone in Atheist Visibility

Glee’s “Grilled Cheesus” episode opens the door to a lot of discussions about religion and atheism. Here is a dissection of some of the points the episode addressed.

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Religious Search Engines: Enabled Ignorance with Surprising Results

An NPR story this week introduced religious search engines. Here’s a more critical look at how they actually work and how they really don’t.

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The Big Day: Judge Walker’s Prop 8 Ruling Just Hours Away

Get yourself ready for today’s big decision in the Proposition 8 Trial!

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Attack the Atheist While He’s Down!

Religious apologists seem only too eager to use Christopher Hitchens’ diagnosis of esophageal cancer as an opportunity for their own gain.

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Guess What Won’t Stop The Oil Spill: Sitting Around Being Introspective

Lawmakers in Louisiana are rightfully concerned about the impact the Gulf of Mexico oil spill started at Deepwater Horizon will make on their state. If only there weren’t so many gays in New Orleans, perhaps God would have been less cruel to the Big Easy. That’s why state Senators designated today (Sunday, June 20) as […]

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