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How Not To Evangelize To An Atheist (Starring Shelonda)

I thought today I’d outline some rules for etiquette when it comes to evangelizing religion to a gay atheist, like myself. Rule #1: Don’t evangelize. Ever, really. But if you know what’s good for you, you definitely don’t want to try evangelizing to someone because of their identity. It’s like touching the top of the […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 4 – The British Episode! – Discrimination, Free Speech, and Torchwood

We made you wait a FULL week, but Peterson and Zack are back with a British episode of Queer and Queerer! Zack has been watching Doctor Who and Torchwood, but that’s not why we’re doing a British episode. There have been a lot of stories coming out of the UK about Bed & Breakfasts discrimination, […]

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WHAT? WND Says I’m Not Invited To May Day?! Sadness!!

The subject of the email was, “You’re Not Invited To May Day.” Had they caught on that I was getting their emails just so I could counter them? Having not received an email from AFA in months, I can only wonder if WorldNetDaily had decided to antagonize me. No, they’re just being snarky, which I […]

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The Paranoid Protectors of Prayer Pounce (and a Patronizing Postscript)

If you didn’t read my blog earlier this week, you missed the exciting announcement that the National Day of Prayer (as Congressionally mandated) has been declared unconstitutional by a federal judge. Go read up on the decision to truly appreciate this post. As I predicted when I posted on Thursday, the right wingers are all […]

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Reminder: Don’t Forget To Pray…

Via someecards: Click to send this card to a friend! Or someone who’s not a friend…

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Making Sense of the Senseless: “Understanding Christianese”

The Thinking Atheist has a new series of videos up this week called “Understanding Christianese.” The videos look at the kind of language used by believers and parses through them. I thought I’d feature the videos here with some links to posts I’ve written that relate. Enjoy! Lesson 1: “I’ll pray for you,” dinner blessings, […]

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The Invisibility of Atheists at Creating Change and Within The Queer Equality Movement

By the time Sharon Day and members of the First Nations Collective opened the opening plenary of Creating Change with a traditional prayer, faith had already played a big role in the conference. Early that Thursday morning, some participants had gathered as part of the American Prayer Hour, a protest against “The Family” and the […]

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ADF Invokes Same Demonization Tactic It’s Trying To Downplay

I haven’t written as much about the Alliance Defense Fund, but I’m sure many of you know that they are a Christian legal group working with Protect Marriage to defend Proposition 8. They also put out their own twisted interpretations of the proceedings and other propaganda to rally support for “traditional marriage.” If you’ve been […]

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Oh, You Want Me To See All The Crap You Spout? Well, THANK YOU!

There’s a phenomenon that takes place in social networking that many are familiar with, particularly Twitter users. It’s when people follow you specifically because they want you to see their stuff. There are plenty of Twitter bots programmed just to search for keywords and then follow anybody who uses those words. (Try tweeting something about […]

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The ZackFord Blogs Top 10 of 2009

Wow, what an interesting year it has been! Next week I’ll celebrate ZackFord Blog’s first birthday, probably by writing a long reflection about that first year of blogging (because reflecting is what we student affairs professionals do). For now, I thought I’d highlight posts from the past year that I hope are still worth reading! […]

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