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Queer and Queerer Ep. 73 – The Presidential Election Roundtable

After Zack stops yakking about his momentous musical weekend, Peterson welcomes his husband, wanna-be swing voter Glen Retief, and nephew, “G,” to the Queer and Queerer intergenerational white-man presidential election roundtable. The group digs into some foreign policy issues, religion, and the many Mitt Romneys.

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Gay Republican for President? Is This That New “The Event” Show?

When I met him at Netroots Nation, he put a lapel pin in my hand. On the packaging it said “Fred Who?” The pin was a flags pin. Yes, flags. One American, one rainbow. Together on one pin. And then he told me he’s an Independent Republican. Okay, I thought, this should be interesting. I […]

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