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Queer and Queerer Ep. 39 – Trans Allies Gone Wild

Freshly back from Creating Change and AWP, Zack and Peterson are energized to be advocates and writers. This week’s episode focuses on a roundup of news related to the transgender community, including unfunny sketches on Craig Ferguson and SNL, hate crimes, and a big new study that reveals “Injustice at Every Turn” for the trans […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 30 – Genocidal Tendencies and Sexual Proclivities

This special episode was recorded on Saturday, November 6, live at the Soulforce Symposium in Philadelphia! While Peterson is milling about reconnecting with his ex-ex-gay brethren, Zack conducts two interviews. First up is sexologist and ex-gay survivor Jallen Rix and he wants you to feel very comfortable with your body! Then, we hear from JMU […]

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Campus Climate 2010: Defining The Terms

A primer for understanding the results from the new campus climate study, the 2010 State of Higher Education for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People.

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A Glimpse Back: The Long Road To Coming Out As An Atheist

Arguably, disclosing one’s identity as an atheist is a coming out process. Like coming out as gay, it is the unveiling of an invisible identity known to be stigmatized by society, so I think it is safe to assume there are similarities in the process. There are significant differences too—most importantly that one can choose […]

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Religion Motivates Racism: The Supporting Research

Yes! It’s another research study being featured on ZackFord Blogs! As per usual, I’ll break things down and share some highlights so you get the most out of the research without digging through the whole report yourself. Today we’re looking at “Why Don’t We Practice What We Preach? A Meta-Analytic Review of Religious Racism” by […]

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Society Is Better Off Without Religion: The Supporting Research

Yesterday, I saw a link on the Richard Dawkins Foundation page for an article called “The Chronic Dependence of Popular Religiosity upon Dysfunctional Psychosociological Conditions” written by Gregory Paul for the Evolutionary Psychology journal.  Naturally, I was curious. Not everybody eagerly sits down to read a 30-page academic journal article, but I did. And it […]

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All The More Reason Privilege Isn’t Due: Beliefs vs. Facts

A very interesting study, led by Sam Harris, came out this week demonstrating that the way that believers’ brains process their beliefs is the same as how they process facts. For more information about the study, you can read the study’s abstract, the Newsweek piece, or Hemant’s post. Rather than summarize, I thought I would […]

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Christians Ignoring Science: That’s the Joke!

Literally moments after I finished publishing my entry on the APA report, I found a link to a OneNewsNow article with the following title: APA ‘ignoring the science’ on homosexual reparative therapy And the expert is a Christian attorney. Apparently he knows more about psychological research than the APA. Impart your wise words, Mat Staver: […]

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The APA’s Report on Reparative Therapy (Abridged Summary)

This week, the American Psychological Association published an extensive report regarding Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation. The New York Times summed up the findings pretty succinctly in their article Wednesday: The American Psychological Association declared Wednesday that mental health professionals should not tell gay clients they can become straight through therapy or other treatments. […]

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