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Meditating on the Arizona Shooting

While many are trying to directly connect the dots from rhetoric to action, perhaps the shooting in Arizona demands that we reflect on the climate of our society in a much more general, but complex, way.

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Theatre Review: I Can See Sarah Palin From My Window

Sarah Palin, you say you can see us from your vindow. Vell, ve can also see you from our vindow, and ve like vhat ve see. So says Vlad, one of six memorable characters who weave together Peterson Toscano’s new play, I Can See Sarah Palin From My Window: Lessons Before The Second Coming. Those […]

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Guess What Won’t Stop The Oil Spill: Sitting Around Being Introspective

Lawmakers in Louisiana are rightfully concerned about the impact the Gulf of Mexico oil spill started at Deepwater Horizon will make on their state. If only there weren’t so many gays in New Orleans, perhaps God would have been less cruel to the Big Easy. That’s why state Senators designated today (Sunday, June 20) as […]

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