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Netroots Dispatch: Direct Action vs. Insider Lobbying (There Is No Conflict)

At a superficial level, different strategies might be perceived as conflicting strategies, but there is a synergistic potential waiting to be realized.

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Unabashedly Punishes Whistleblowers

People probably have different opinions on whistleblowers. While all might not be as memorable or infamous as Deep Throat and Linda Tripp, there is a general sense that whistleblowers are important. Particularly in these economic times, if there is wrongdoing happening in corporations, we want to know about it, and we have many laws that […]

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Why Be Pissed At Obama and/or HRC?

Yesterday’s town hall was interesting, but not surprising. In my opinion, it was an important event, but it ultimately didn’t really accomplish much, except to reveal just how out of touch HRC really is (and, might I add, how pompously self-righteous Joe Solmonese is about his organization). There are two significant points to take away. […]

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