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ACPA Reminds Us There Are No Atheist Students

ACPA’s reminder to sign up for a conference call on religious pluralism and interfaith cooperation reminds us how secular students continue to be ignored and disregarded on our college campuses.

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A Glimpse Back: The Long Road To Coming Out As An Atheist

Arguably, disclosing one’s identity as an atheist is a coming out process. Like coming out as gay, it is the unveiling of an invisible identity known to be stigmatized by society, so I think it is safe to assume there are similarities in the process. There are significant differences too—most importantly that one can choose […]

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Psst… Hey Higher Ed, Spirituality Is Still Religion

I saw this cartoon and it reminded me of the hegemonic religious privilege in student affairs: Spirituality demands belief. It doesn’t apply to nonbelievers. I still cringe when I see folks wearing those “I believe” wristbands from ACPA last year. For the record, I don’t.

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Inside Higher Ed and Sociology Continue To Ignore Nonbelievers

There’s an article this week on Inside Higher Ed called Sociologists Get Religion. I am again disappointed that the overlapping fields of higher education and sociology continue to ignore nonbelievers and the concept of atheism. The article is about how religion is becoming a focal point of sociological study, which is fine and all. Here […]

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Society Is Better Off Without Religion: The Supporting Research

Yesterday, I saw a link on the Richard Dawkins Foundation page for an article called “The Chronic Dependence of Popular Religiosity upon Dysfunctional Psychosociological Conditions” written by Gregory Paul for the Evolutionary Psychology journal.  Naturally, I was curious. Not everybody eagerly sits down to read a 30-page academic journal article, but I did. And it […]

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Higher Ed Struggles to Serve Atheist Students

I don’t think Higher Education really knows what to do with students who identity as some form of nonbeliever. I worry to what extent higher education cares about nonbelievers’ nonbelief, but it definitely seems like we’re starting to make a little bit of progress. I was delighted to see an article on Inside HigherEd today […]

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Why Higher Education Should NOT Promote “Spirituality” or “Spiritual Development”

Higher Education is abuzz with the notion of promoting spirituality, and lots of research and writing has come forth.  Everyone seems to think it’s a good idea.  Lots of different researchers have defined “religion,” “faith,” and “spirituality” in a number of different ways so that everyone feels like spirituality is something we should be promoting […]

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