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Queer and Queerer Ep. 36.5 – Why Are Students Having Affairs? (ft. Laurel Dreher)

Zack is joined this week by his hetero life mate, Laurel Dreher. Zack and Laurel studied at Ithaca College together before both pursuing Master’s degrees in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Laurel is now a Coordinator of Residence Education at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. Part of the fun of being in this field […]

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A Glimpse Back: The Long Road To Coming Out As An Atheist

Arguably, disclosing one’s identity as an atheist is a coming out process. Like coming out as gay, it is the unveiling of an invisible identity known to be stigmatized by society, so I think it is safe to assume there are similarities in the process. There are significant differences too—most importantly that one can choose […]

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How Long Until We Have Campus Atheist Resource Centers?

In my post yesterday, I argued that challenges to religious beliefs should be pursued despite the emotional defensiveness such challenges often spur. Such self-victimization is really a façade for cognitive dissonance, cognitive dissonance that is never addressed if we allow the defensiveness to sway us. Respecting faith has the consequence of reinforcing dualism and stifling […]

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Why Higher Education Should NOT Promote “Spirituality” or “Spiritual Development”

Higher Education is abuzz with the notion of promoting spirituality, and lots of research and writing has come forth.  Everyone seems to think it’s a good idea.  Lots of different researchers have defined “religion,” “faith,” and “spirituality” in a number of different ways so that everyone feels like spirituality is something we should be promoting […]

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“…of both worlds,” a unique adventure.

I’m back! For any of you who might have been checking ZFB regularly, apologies for the long delay in posting. I was busy graduating from my Master’s program (which I did!). Today I’m happy to share with you an exciting product of the time I have not been blogging: my performance piece entitled “…of both […]

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