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Meditating on the Arizona Shooting

While many are trying to directly connect the dots from rhetoric to action, perhaps the shooting in Arizona demands that we reflect on the climate of our society in a much more general, but complex, way.

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Yes, That Sucked, But We Go On.

Election day was not the best day for progressives, but we have good reasons to keep our chins up and our eyes on the horizon. Rather than bemoan a bloodpath, it’s time to focus on governing again.

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White Privilege Memes Reemerge as Tea Party Revs Up For November

The Tea Party is addicted to a hot new blend of the same old white privilege. Take a look at some of the ways “reverse discrimination,” colorblindness, and “look at my black friend” are making a big comeback.

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If The Free Market Could Uphold Equality, We’d Already Have It

If the free market can supposedly account for prejudice, why is so much money being wasted defending discrimination?

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Guess What Won’t Stop The Oil Spill: Sitting Around Being Introspective

Lawmakers in Louisiana are rightfully concerned about the impact the Gulf of Mexico oil spill started at Deepwater Horizon will make on their state. If only there weren’t so many gays in New Orleans, perhaps God would have been less cruel to the Big Easy. That’s why state Senators designated today (Sunday, June 20) as […]

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Who Says Teabaggers Aren’t Racist? Here’s One!

Zack Ford, you are a Marxist piece of shit! You really can go “F” yourself! BTW, there is a growing concensus that “The only good Marxist, is a dead one!”  Got to say, I can’t find much of a problem with that saying! You need to keep playing with the unarmed minds of our young […]

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So You Want To Be a Teabagger: Hiding Prejudice Behind Capitalism

Let’s imagine starting a new society, a whole new humanity. We’re playing SimEarth or Civilization here or something; just imagine it with me. We start it knowing everything we know now. We know there’s nothing to substantiate prejudice based on sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Those identities all present naturally and in […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 3 – Men as Feminists, Political Outing, and Archie

Zack gives Peterson a ride to the train station and they decide to record another episode before his train departs! This week we revisit the topic that first came up in Episode 1 about whether men can be feminists or should just be pro-feminists. We also discuss the Tea Party threatened outing of Senator Lindsey […]

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Like Son, Like Father: Defend My Dad’s Letter to the Editor!

Hey everybody! I need your help. I’m really proud of my father, because he decided he could not tolerate the racist tea-bagger drivel that has polluted Harrisburg’s The Patriot-News opinion pages for the past couple weeks. He decided to submit his own letter to set things straight. I advised him a little on the letter, […]

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The Tea Party Could Not Be More Insecure In The Face Of Coffee

The presence of the words “tea party” in the title should tip you off that there is very little substance to be found in this post. Still, it’s good for a laugh. So there’s this group called the Coffee Party. It’s pretty much the perfect antithesis to the Tea Party. It started on Facebook, so […]

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