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New Christmas Toys, Old Gender Conditioning

There are only 67 days until Christmas!!! So, last night, I’m watching Brothers & Sisters like a good gay, and all of a sudden I see a commercial for a new toy aimed at 2-4 year-old’s. This is the long-form of the commercial: Yes, Pop On Pals. First, let me say that even though I’m […]

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What Disney Taught Me About Gender Roles

I don’t write about patriarchy as often as I could, or should. Male privilege is still a constant force in our society and one that needs to be called out and addressed as much as ever. Say what you want about Disney these days. The company is so big, it’s hard to even hammer down […]

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Swedish Middle Schoolers Challenge Toys “R” Us’s Patriarchy

I’ve found that teaching patriarchy and introducing people to the idea of male privilege and gender roles is not always easy. Responses like “it’s not that bad,” or “those messages don’t have a significant effect” are common. Well, some sixth graders in Sweden get it and have worked hard to call it out when they […]

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