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Should Transgender People Have To ‘Compromise’ On Which Facilities They Can Use?

This post continues a dialogue with Brandon McGinley of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, who opposes transgender nondicrimination protections because sex-segregated locker rooms allow for “camaraderie” while reducing the “sexual nature” of a space where there is usually nudity. I countered at ThinkProgress that the safety of transgender students, like those protected by California’s new law, […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 47 – Henry Kissenger Got a Boob Job

After a special monologue by Peterson, we discuss BODIES. How do we talk about bodies? What’s that intersexuality thing? What challenges do trans people still face? We lay it all out on the table and just talk about all our hesitations and yet curiosities with bodies, mixed with some recent news.  Take a listen, and […]

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Friday Fundamentalist Farce File – 2/25/11

The Friday Fundamentalist Farce File is a week’s worth of “news” clippings from conservative hubs like WorldNetDaily and the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow. Millions of Americans absorb these messages as gospel truth—literally—on a daily basis.

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 16 – The Trans-Continental Netroots Edition

Zack… and Peterson… are coming at you from opposite sides of the continent! Zack is in Las Vegas for Netroots Nation and Peterson is heading off to TransForm New Hampshire. The sound quality is a bit low because it was recorded via phone, but the content quality is at its queerest. Zack shares some of […]

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I’m Sorry, NARTH, I’m So Sorry…

The Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who said “sorry” a lot, but when he said, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” it meant he knew something very sad about the people he was saying it to that they were not (and might never be) aware of. To the National Association for the Research & Therapy of Homosexuality: […]

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“Transgendered” Is Not A Word. Stop Using It. (UPDATED)

This doesn’t need to be a long post. The title says it all. “Transgendered” is not a word. For some reason, though, people use it all the time. I’m sick of it, so let me make this crystal clear. The adjective is “transgender” or “trans” for short. Examples of usage: She is transgender. Zi is […]

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In Case You Weren’t Sure What Transphobia Looked Like

(Hat tips to Pam Spaulding and Big Hollywood.) When we talk about homophobia and transphobia, it’s usually not people who are overtly hurtful. Often such feelings can lie just under the surface of a “supportive,” “I have gay friends,” façade. All it takes is a catalyst and it all comes rolling out. And it can […]

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