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Zack’s #AskAnAtheist Twitter Campaign

Here are my humorous responses to the “Ask an Atheist” questions I welcomed on Twitter this past Wednesday.

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Topsy Turvy World: My Ongoing Dialogue with Peter LaBarbera

Who would have thought that the infamous anti-LGBT AFTAH leader Peter LaBarbera and I could engage in a meaningful discussion? Take a look at the dialogue so far.

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Follow the Creating Change Tweets!

Well, despite all the crazy weather happening across the U.S., I got to Minneapolis without any complications. I’m very excited to be here for Creating Change, the National Conference on LGBT Equality. While my experience at CC over the next few days will give me plenty of food for thought, it will keep me from […]

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1 in 10 Americans Are on Unemployment

Andy Szekeres reminds us how important it is to voice our support for unemployment benefits. Check the post for a tweet you can send to raise awareness.

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Some Ups and Downs From Netroots Nation

Netroots Nation has been a wonderful experience, but I have a few complaints that have made it just a little less magical than I’d hoped. Here are a few critiques and a few celebrations.

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Late Night Twitter Showdown With Alliance Defense Fund

So yeah, it’s like 3:30 AM Eastern Time as I write this… and I noticed about an hour ago that there was this very long stream of tweets coming from the Alliance Defense Fund on the #prop8 tag. The spin got really annoying, so I started to retort. Here are the results. (Read from the […]

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Twitter Hater-Debators (@MarriageMentor)

One of the interesting phenomena to watch with the whole Prop 8 proceeding is the whole #prop8 proceeding. Without a doubt, #prop8 is the Twitter hashtag of choice for both sides of this epic struggle. So, sometimes the hashtag feed will be full of updates from NCLR, AFER, FDL, Courage Campaign/P8TT, The Advocate, protect mawwiage, […]

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Oh, You Want Me To See All The Crap You Spout? Well, THANK YOU!

There’s a phenomenon that takes place in social networking that many are familiar with, particularly Twitter users. It’s when people follow you specifically because they want you to see their stuff. There are plenty of Twitter bots programmed just to search for keywords and then follow anybody who uses those words. (Try tweeting something about […]

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Best of My First 1500 Tweets

I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a full year since I plunged into the social networking deep end. I loved starting my blog and really having a creative outlet for my writing. Twitter was a different adventure, because it challenged my writing in very short form. I thought it would be fun (albeit a […]

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When Following on Twitter Becomes Fanatic

UPDATE: See the newest, rudest reply at the bottom! Ha! Wow! This was an interesting little experiment I did not expect to conduct on Twitter. For a long time, I’ve been following Rainn Wilson on Twitter. You know him as Dwight from The Office, among other things. I thought it was interesting to see what […]

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