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Pastafarians Should Be Ashamed of Historic Homophobia

From Cosmo Jarvis, a tribute to gay pirates: You may recall that according to the beliefs of Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (of which I am a member), pirates are “absolute divine beings,” essentially the great prophets of Pastafarianism. It has never been a secret to me that there are gay pirates, but it […]

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Something to Read and Something to Watch

Zack’s on the road, so here’s some good content to check out!

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Why Do I Often Write Against Catholicism? The Catholics Make Me!

Why am I “always” writing against Catholicism? Because Catholic leaders are so often demonizing gays! Here’s the latest example…

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When Activists With Pure Hearts Shoot the Movement in the Foot…?

Andy Szekeres analyzes the FCKH8 campaign and the way some pro-gay efforts just provide ammunition to the religious right.

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Hereafter: Is There an Afterlife?

Clint Eastwood’s new film, Hereafter (starring Matt Damon), offers a meditation on the idea of an afterlife. In this post, I respond to the film (with some spoilers) as to why I think the movie, like all suggestions of an afterlife, is a waste of time and money.

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When? When Does It Get Better, Mr. President?

I’ll give credit where credit is due. President Obama’s It Gets Better video is well done and has an important message for young people. To know the President has your back? That’s got to be a good feeling for a young person. Now if only he practiced what he preached. It reminds me of the […]

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President Obama Can’t Talk About Gay or Trans Folks With Conviction, And Other Bluffs

At an MTV Town Hall this afternoon, President Obama answered several questions about the LGBT community, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and bullying/cyber-bullying. It was full of spin and a complete lack of conviction about the LGBT community. Not only was it as if he just learned what sexual orientation is last week, it was also […]

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I Am Here Because…

ZFb’s new contributor Andy Szekeres introduces Friendfactor, an exciting new pro-LGBT social network that needs our help with a video project!

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Love and Let Love or Bully and Let Bully

Echoing the sentiment of some of my recent posts, I want to share a really poignant excerpt from John Shore’s blog. He captures, in a way I don’t think I’ve seen, the danger of most religious messages against homosexuality. Virtually all sins share a crucial, defining, common quality. Because that quality, which is present in […]

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Queer and Queerer Ep. 24 – It Gets Better: Reflections on Suicide, Life, and Hospitality

Peterson is finally back from the West Coast and rejoins Zack for a continued discussion about bullying in the wake of an appalling number of teenage suicides in the past week. In this sobering discussion, they discuss how we have conversations about anti-gay bullying and the experience of young members of the LGBT community. What […]

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