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Queer and Queerer Ep. 42 – Free Speech Impediment

Zack and Peterson are back in person with each other, but it might be the last time for a while, as Zack has accepted a job in the DC area! But don’t worry, the podcast isn’t going anywhere! This week we take a trip to Harding University in Arkansas, Flour Bluff School District in Texas, […]

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Westboro Wins Before SCOTUS, As They Should Have

The vile Westboro Baptist Church won before the Supreme Court, and we should celebrate their victory. By not sugar coating their anti-gay rhetoric, they continue to be an important litmus test for homophobia among opponents of LGBT equality.

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Westboro Baptist, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, and the KKK: Pick a Side!

The “Culture Wars” are dumb. Who even knows what the expression really means? It seems to me it’s a struggle between the tolerant and intolerant in which the intolerant paint the tolerant as “intolerant” of their intolerance in the name of maintaining their intolerance in the wake of the tolerants’ “intolerance.” In less-confusing rhetoric, everyone […]

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