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Conservative and Gay: Not Hypocritical, But Not Healthy Either

Just because some conservatives have reconciled their homosexuality doesn’t mean we should applaud them for what they do in the name of the LGBT community.

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White Privilege Memes Reemerge as Tea Party Revs Up For November

The Tea Party is addicted to a hot new blend of the same old white privilege. Take a look at some of the ways “reverse discrimination,” colorblindness, and “look at my black friend” are making a big comeback.

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Negrophilia: An Invitation To Racism

WorldNetDaily repeatedly sends out a lot of promotional crap for a lot of crap. “Crap” is perhaps a juvenile descriptor, and yet it rings appropriate. It’s just junk geared to reinforce the narrow narrow beliefs of WND readers. (You may recall my humorous analysis of the iLumina Bible Software from last week.) Today’s offer takes […]

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