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No, I Will Not Pray For Persecuted 6-Year-Old “Christians”

Just a reminder of some of the lunacy the right wing keeps sending out… Here’s an email I got from World Net Daily today with the subject “Urgent Prayer Request”: First, of course, I don’t pray for anybody for anything. I’m an atheist. Ha! Now, do I think it’s okay for people to be persecuted […]

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Friday Fundamentalist Farce File #8

I haven’t done one of these in a while! (They’re a lot of work!) With all the teabagging and heckling going on this week, I thought I’d take a look at what our good friends at OneNewsNow and WorldNetDaily have been posting about. It’s the Farce File special back-to-school edition! 9/12/09 – Christian attorneys defend […]

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Defend Joe Wilson Against Leftist Attacks!!

Haha, I promise the title of this post does not reflect how I feel. Also, know that this post is not a poe. This is an email I received from World Net Daily today. I’m not going to bother with extensive commentary, but there are a few remarks and extra links at the bottom. (Note: […]

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Religious Oppression and Indoctrination—Literally!

Many atheists, freethinkers, psychologists, and others have written about how religion can be “viral” and “hereditary.” One of the central arguments Dawkins makes in The God Delusion (piggybacking off Bertrand Russell’s Celestial Teapot) is that the only way religion survives is because of the way it is passed on.  (The argument Dawkins makes against indoctrinating […]

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